Congratulations to Christine Droma Girl of Purpose

Praise Jesus for this day.

Congratulations to our Christine for having reached this milestone.

I met Christine in 2021 when she was  pregnant. Effects of  covid 19  there was lockdown and she had to start working order to support her mother and siblings.  She was serving food in food joint at Spire Rd in Jinja. I took her in my house because she was homeless after the boy friend had run away from her coz she refused to abort and the mother had chased her from home. She was homeless.  I stayed with her for 2 months as I was looking for an organization that takes in teenage mothers. I finally got one called Touch the Slum in Namuwongo in Kampala. They have supported her all through plus her baby.  So today she got a certificate in Tailoring am so proud of her. She will be given starting capital. Am happy and fulfilled.  That’s my job restoring Hope for the vulnerable in our community.

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