Skills for Community Based Development (SCBD) Program

Under this program, AWEC-AFRICA aims to provide the women and girls with an opportunity to have access to resources, knowledge and information and encourage them to attain purpose in the skills acquired. The focus is on life skills to adolescents, vocational skills training to young adult and teenage mothers and school dropouts, leadership skills training, natural resource management,  among others. Important to note is that all the efforts of Skills for Community Based Development target the vulnerable rural women and girls. AWEC-AFRICA recognizes the fact that lack of access to information, knowledge and skills is a significant inhibitor to self-reliance.

Economic and Financial Empowerment (E&FE) Program

Under the E&FE program, AWEC-AFRICA aims to provide women with the means to enable them save, invest, increase income, build capital and cope with emergencies for improved food security and reduced vulnerability at household level. This program supports genuine self-reliance. The focus is on Community Managed Micro-Finance, Enterprise development, Business Development Skills, Selection Planning & Management of Income Generating Activities, Financial Literacy.  AWEC-AFRICA recognizes that rural women in particular have low/no capacity to access and utilize financial services and this is a significant inhibitor to increase levels of working capital and household income.

Under the E&FE program AWEC-AFRICA has established AWEC SACCO with currently 5 women Saving and Credit groups registered and accessing credit.

Spiritual And Discipleship (S&D) Program

Through this program, AWEC-AFRICA aims to bring women to redemptive knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and have them rooted and established in Him; through Fellowships, counseling sessions, one on one visits, prayer retreats and having women conferences and seminars

Family for Community Partnership and Development (FCPD) Program

On an individual level, everyone needs partnership and support from their families and communities. The main objective of this program is to create an empowering environment for the women, men, girls and boys to realize their collective contribution to their families and communities for sustainable  development in a violence free environment with sovereignty over their lives and the right to make their individual choices. Here AWEC-AFRICA works towards creating awareness on gender issues and human rights to prevent Gender Based Violence.

Community Based Health (CBH) Program

AWEC-AFRICA acknowledges that poor health incapacitates households from actively participating in activities geared towards holistic development of the community. It is observed that health is critical for the survival and development of women as well as for the economic well being of their families. The emphasis here is on improved sanitation and hygiene with a significant amount of health and hygiene education across the community. The approach to sanitation and hygiene is to see rural women meet their right to safe, reliable and affordable water supplies, to hygienic sanitation and to a clean environment. HIV/AIDS and COVID awareness and sensitization and nutrition support.