Awec -Africa Girl of Purpose Program.

Helping and supporting the teenager Girls through collaboration with others we managed to bring Reusable Sanitary Pads to the Poor community in Budondo.
Early this year a video went viral on social media of young girls in Budondo Busoga region in Uganda in Jinja City how they pack soil in polythene bags to use while in their menstruation period. It was a very sad story to watch.
Through MWINO SPORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT CBO  in Budondo the organization brings young girls to teach them sports but could not ignore the health issues of these teenagers. So they started a program in menstrual hygiene and through this they discovered shocking ways girls survive during their periods. Some use old pieces of mattresses,  clothes, Banana fires and also soil due to poverty.
After watching that video we thank God for the Evolving Woman Ezer Aluminia who started a campaign of buying reusable pads for these teenagers in Budondo and over the weekend together with Arise Women Empowerment Center Africa we managed to give out 150 packs of  reusable pads (3 in each used for one full year) to 150 girls under Mwino sports for Development. This managed to solve the current problem because they can’t afford buying pads every month.
Special thanks go the team of coaches and founders of Mwino sports for development for their dedication towards young girls beyond  sports 
Special thanks to the Evolving Women  the Ezer Aluminia who contributed generously towards this noble cause, their love to help and support young girls stay in school and also fulfill their purpose.
Special thanks to Awec-Africa team  for their passion and dedication to bring change and transformation to young girls in Busoga region through their Program of Girl of Purpose. Thank yoi so much for the eats and drinks and everything that you did to make the day successful. 
God bless you all

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