This is Christine Droma from AWEC Africa GOP (Girl of Purpose) purpose and she is seven months pregnant. Christine’s sad story started when she got pregnant at the age of Seventeen. She was a high school student in Wairaka College in senior three before Covid- 19 virus hit the world in 2019 and she had a hope and a future. On hearing the news of her pregnancy, her boyfriend took off because she doesn’t know his way about, her parents and relatives abandoned her immediately, and she walked several kilometres on the roads of Jinja district without knowing where and who to turn to. Fortunately Christine sought out one of her ex-boyfriends who agreed to help her for several days but later got rid of her as well. She ended up at one of our AWEC Africa woman homes, who helped take her in for the time being until she gets a place to stay. Christine is under our care right now from her maternity needs, food, clothes, and medical bills. Uganda has had many covid- 19 pandemic effects which include teenage pregnancies on a bigger percentage

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